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Hi, my name is Seth Dixon and I have been a Professional Tennis Coach for over 10 years. During my career as a coach/player, I have encountered many soft tissue (muscular) injuries which have restricted my life and my game.

After many trips to GP's & various therapists I took a detailed interest in what they did and how they targeted what exactly was wrong with me, and more to the point, how they could make me fit for sport again! Injury was my motivation to learn how to treat and what to treat depending on the severity of the injury.

My tennis background helps me a great deal in relating to the symptoms of the individual and during the years I have probably had most of the injuries myself!

I am now a level 4 injury specific sports masseur that offers massage on a relaxation level or using deep tissue manipulation can re-align muscle fibres/scar tissue (caused by pulls, twists, sprains and strains etc) or release hypertonic tension through Neuromuscular Technique Muscle Energy Technique Soft Tissue Release and Friction Technique. My challenge is to target tension and to help create better posture which in turn will enhance your performance in your sport and everyday life...

I now divide my time between Sports Massage, Tennis Coaching and a very hectic family life.

For further information or to book an appointment E-mail or call Seth on 07793 74 73 72

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