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  The Benefits of Sport & Remedial Massage:
  • Relax – Release – Revive – Radical Performance Enhancement
  • Fewer injuries with regular massage
  • Increase circulation and improve your body’s natural healing state
  • Improve posture to revive Strength – Power – Energy – Daily / Sport Performance – Feel factor, Feel Great!
  • Accelerate the healing speed of soft tissue injury / Faster recovery from injury
  • Re-align/mould scar tissue and break down any adhered muscle fibres with deep tissue massage to regain efficient effective muscle actions = Strength / Power/ Posture
  • Diaphragm release to enhance breathing and aid in the removal of acid reflux / heart burn
  • We spend most of our lives on our feet – Foot massage (plantar fascia release) releases tension throughout the entire body, the foot fascia connects from foot to skull making this release particularly special which can create deeper sleep.
  • Tension headaches / Sore neck / shoulders / upper-mid-lower back / Hip etc –
  • Deep tissue massage will release posture tension and combined with Occipital release will rid of the build up of stress physical or emotional which our bodies learn to hold rather than release.
  • Trigger point pressure to release knots or hypertonic tension

Techniques Used:

STR - Soft Tissue Release is a Technique where the therapist tricks the muscle into having a new attachment point – stretching the muscle fibres.

MET - Muscle Energy Technique is using a passive resistance with slow breathing to stretch the muscles through a range which revives energy due to tension release.

FT - Friction Technique is to break down any restrictive adhesion’s on a deep level – Muscle, fascia, articulating joints, tendons / ligaments etc.

NMT - Neuromuscular Technique is a variety of techniques working heat into the muscles to relax, loosen and aid in the movement of soft tissue fluids / circulation.


Contraindications are conditions when you should not be massaged. The most common condition among athletes is that of an acute injury or inflammation. Usually the first 3 days after an injury are the acute stage. After the swelling and pain reduces, massage can then be administered.

A short list of contraindications are: recent surgery, fever, vascular conditions, skin conditions, inflammation, abrasions, cuts, hematomas, cancer, DVT, neuritis, infectious diseases, diabetes, severe heart disease, fractures, and acute injury. There are too many conditions to list here so please note: It is your sole responsibility to alert me of any injury or medical condition you may have before treatment commences.

For further information or to book an appointment E-mail or call Seth on 07793 74 73 72

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