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Sports massage is not just for athletes!

  • Do you get home from work and struggle to unwind?

  • Are you suffering tension stress?

  • Physical stress?

  • Emotional stress?


What do you do for a career?

There are many careers that pull on posture and create restrictive tension, Target Tension can release these restrictions helping you to be free and fully functional.


Any job that pulls on posture through repetition will develop tension, arms & hands in front of you (Typist) that pulls your shoulder girdle forward will shorten your chest muscles (pecs) and lengthen your back muscles (Trapizius & Latissimus Dorsi). To shorten a muscle over time will create tension and to lengthen a muscle over time will create weakness. Chronic Tension will build up making you feel sore, tired and weak. Your body is a very intelligent piece of machinery and will respond to this change by automatically protecting you from pain.
But how?
By recruiting different muscles to do the job, these muscles are of course the incorrect muscles so your body posture changes, adapts to deal with the work load ahead and over time pulls your posture out of correct alignment, creating bad posture and Tension.
What will help?
Sports massage will release tension but you must address the weak muscles too with strengthening exercises, Target Tension will advise you on remedial exercises.
You can also start to help yourself, if you sit at a desk pull yourself closer so you sit upright with better posture shoulders back and head up, do not slouch or reach for your workstation! Or if lifting or digging, widen your stance (feet apart) and use your leg strength more than your back, keeping your back straight! Its generally when we fatigue (get tired), that our posture gets lazy and if we apply a load to bad posture, our bodies will suffer.
It is key to have the correct muscles for the correct job or action needed, creating sound body alignment and correct posture.
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